DGP Meeting in Meissen 2017


First data of Lakes Mondsee and Zurich were presented on the annual meeting of the German Society of Protozoology (DGP) in Meissen (Germany, February 21-24, 2017) by our diploma students Laura Nachbaur and Estelle Bruni.

Laura Nachbaur (see photo) presented 6-month data of the ciliate community of Lake Mondsee and network analyses among ciliates, abiotic and other biotic parameters. Additionally, she presented a workflow for teachers how to integrate research work in schools.

Estelle Bruni presented how lake warming affected seasonal successions of ciliates in Lake Zurich. She analyzed samples of the epilimnion collected over the past three years (2014-2016) and displayed patterns of the ciliates functional groups and their dynamics.

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