DGP Meeting in Cologne 2018


(picture from https://www.dgp2018-cologne.de/programme/)

The project team presented first data at the annual meeting of the German Society of Protozoology (DGP) in Cologne (Germany, February 27- March 2, 2018):

The idea and the workflow of the project was presented by a poster of Barbara Kammerlander (University of Innsbruck, Austria). Additionally, first morphological data of the ciliate assamblages and abiotic and biotic parameters of Lake Mondsee were shown: The ‘blackbox’ is open! Ciliates in the planktonic food web of Lake Mondsee, Austria”.

Moreover, Thomas Proeschold (University of Innsbruck, Austria) presented an improved PCR method to sequence ciliates: “Single cell PCR method for establishment of reference ciliate sequence database”.

Dominik Forster and Zhishuai Qu (University of Kaiserslautern, Germany) presented preliminary molecular data of Lake Zurich and Lake Mondsee: „Similar but different – Microbial co-occurrence networks of two alpine lakes”.

The Swiss colleagues, Gianna Pitsch and Estelle Bruni (University of Zurich, Switzerland), showed a first comparison of the morphological and molecular data (sanger and next generation sequencing) of the ciliate assemblage of Lake Zurich: „Morphological and molecular based analyses of planktonic ciliates in Lake Zurich“.


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